bird feeder hanging next to trees and shrubs

What Is The Best Location For A Bird Feeder?

Where is the best location for a bird feeder? If you are getting ready to hang a bird feeder in your yard, you will need to put some careful thought into where to put it.   In this guide, we will discuss various considerations such as sun vs. shade, proximity to windows, wind, shelter, and more. … Read more

mourning dove sleeping on tree branch

Where Do Mourning Doves Sleep At Night?

Mourning doves sleep in trees most of the time but will occasionally sleep on the ground.  They are known as habitat generalists and can adapt to many areas, including farms, prairies, woodlands, and residential neighborhoods. Learn more about how mourning doves choose the best location for sleeping and nesting. We’ll also talk about their nocturnal habits. Plus, … Read more

orange and black oriole perched in a tree

5 Types Of Orioles You May Have Seen In Your Backyard

Have noticed that there are different types of orioles? If you’ve spotted these black and orange beauties in your backyard, you may have noticed that they don’t all look the same as in the bird books. Orioles are some of the most recognizable birds out there thanks to their orange, black and white plumage. But, … Read more