Eight Beautiful Copper Top Bird Feeders for Your Garden

Do you want to add a little sparkle to your garden? We found the best copper top bird feeders that will make your yard shine.

Collage of three copper bird feeders from our list with birds enjoying the feeders

Copper is a beautiful choice for bird feeders and other lawn decorations. It doesn’t rust or corrode, sparkles in the sun, and creates a unique accent that blends with almost every garden style.

The 8 Best Copper Top Bird Feeders

Our top 8 picks for the best coppertop bird feeders. We’ve included a variety of feeder styles and features to choose from. Check them out!

1. Deeanna Sun-Ray Arch Inlay Solar Decorative Bird Feeder

Decorative copper bird feeder with solar lights
Available on Wayfair

The Deeanna Sun-Ray Arch Inlay Solar Bird Feeder will bring a unique and warm glow to your garden. The patented design is made of durable aluminum with a copper finish to withstand the elements in any weather conditions.

With three LED lights surrounding the rim for nighttime viewing, this solar-powered bird feeder is one of our favorites this year. When fully charged by sunlight, an automatic timer turns on at dusk and off again before dawn.

2. Copper-Finished Hanging Tube Bird Feeder

Tube Style Bird Feeder with 4 birds and copper accents
Copper-Finished Hanging Tube Bird Feeder

This beautiful, lantern-inspired bird feeder is styled with a brushed copper finish and features 4 ports for easy feeding. The two adjustable perches allow you to customize the distance between them. Move the perch up to allow larger birds to enjoy the feeder as well. 

With an easy-fill wide mouth design and 1½ lbs of seed capacity, this durable copper top bird feeder is both pretty and functional.  Plus there’s an additional removable base which makes it easier than ever to keep your feeder clean.

3. Copper Acorn Seed Feeder

Tube bird feeder with a Copper top shaped like an acorn

The copper acorn seed feeder’s lid is crafted to resemble the rough top of an acorn. Like an acorn, the top screws off to allow easy filling of the clear plastic tube. It has two perches, and two feeding apertures, making it perfect for finches and similar small songbirds.

The cavity of the acorn feeder holds 2.5 pounds of birdseed and is an excellent container for the small, black sunflower seeds or small birdseed mix. The copper catch tray help prevent seed waste. Drainage for the tray keeps it from becoming a mess after a rainstorm. Overall, a lovely conversation piece for your garden.

4. Brushed Copper Oriole Feeder

Oriole Feeder with a umbrella shaped copper top

Want to attract fruit eaters to your garden? The brushed copper oriole feeder might be just the thing!

The copper roof is shaped like an open umbrella, sheltering scroll-work holders for two orange halves and two glass cups for jelly or similar substances. The two clear glass cups are removable for easy cleaning and refilling.

Orioles, waxwings, and mocking birds all love fruit and will be attracted to this charming feeder. It comes with a 9 ½ inch hanger, making it easy to position it near a shrub or shady area that will be attractive to these beautiful songbirds.

5. Perky Pet Panorama Bird Feeder

Mixed seed tube feeder with a copper top and base

A little less showy than the two previous feeders, the perky pet panorama bird feeder has a practical design that will keep your feathered pensioners well-fed without wasting seed.

The feeder is designed for the seeds to filter down into a feeding cup at the bottom of the seed container. When the cup is full, it will stop dispensing seeds.

Surrounded by a sturdy, copper feeding perch, it easily holds two pounds of birdseed and will dispense the larger seeds well-loved by cardinals, woodpeckers, and other seed eaters. It includes a sure lock cap, patented, to keep those pesky squirrels out of the birdseed.

6. Perky Pet Copper Finish Triple Tube Feeder

Three tube bird feeder with copper accents

The Copper Finish Triple Tube Bird Feeder is well-named. With three tubes for holding up to ten pounds of birdseed, you can keep multiple birds of different types happy.

The ports, as well as the protective bell-shaped top, are sheathed in sturdy copper to help defeat determined squirrels. The ports can be flipped to accommodate mixed seeds or thistle seeds.

Perch hoods shelter birds while they are feeding. The copper has been treated with a powder-coating to protect it from the elements. Overall, it is a sturdy, practical feeder that will make an attractive addition to any garden.  

7. Petite Copper Sunflower Seed Bird Feeder

Small Sunflower Seed Feeder with Cardinal
Available @ Plow & Hearth

The petite sunflower seed bird feeder has a metal frame that holds up to ½ pound of sunflower seeds. This little guy measures in at just 12 inches high and 5 inches in diameter. Perfectly sized to fit in on smaller branches or hung on the patio or porch.

It features a copper top and bottom and a powder-coated metal mesh seed container. It has the capacity of holding up to ½ pound of sunflowers seeds, a favorite of almost all birds.

8. Copper Leaf Baffle

Leaf shaped copper baffle for a bird feeder

Dress up your ordinary tube-type bird feeders with an attractive copper leaf baffle. The baffle is 18 inches across and is shaped to look like a spray of oak leaves.

Hang your tube feeder below the baffle to protect it from weather and from ambitious squirrels. The lovely leaf design is constructed from chew-proof metal and comes with a built-in hook for hanging. The wide design will help shelter feeding birds during inclement weather.

This decorative piece will last through many seasons and is likely to be a conversation piece anytime you are showing off your garden.

Caring for Your Copper Top Feeder

With time, the copper finish will weather to a soft brown or even turn green with age. If you don’t want the green tint, give the feeder a quick cover and sealer before putting it out.

Some feeders are already treated, or they have taken advantage of copper’s natural tendency to turn green with age and have sealed the copper to preserve a precise amount of greening.

Anything that is outdoors will eventually need cleaning, and your coppertop feeders are no exception. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot to take care of them.

If you want to preserve the greenish patina, follow these instructions.

  1. Use a little (very little) Ivory soap and warm water to wipe away the dirt.
  2. Rinse with clear water and let dry.
  3. Use a hard, carnauba wax to protect the finish such as Trewax, Johnson’s Clear Paste Wax, or Renaissance Wax. Avoid car wax – it contains other stuff that could harm your copper)
  4. Apply the wax according to package directions using a soft cloth and allow it to dry.

If you have matching nest boxes that have a copper roof, be sure to have a thick layer of wood under the copper to tone down its ability to warm up, and hang them in the shade. The feeders can have some sun.


Coppertop bird feeders are not only practical but are also beautiful. With proper care, they are an investment that will grace your garden or yard for many years, bringing joy to both viewers and to the many birds that you feed.

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