How to Choose the Best Platform Bird Feeder

When you choose a platform bird feeder, you are putting out the welcome mat for a variety of birds.

Platform feeders are a great choice for offering various types of bird feed or treats while also serving both ground feeding and perching birds. There are many styles available so let us help you pick the best platform bird feeder for your yard.

The Benefits of Platform Feeders for Birds

Versatility is why most people choose platform feeders. Along with offering any type of bird food or treat available, platform feeders for birds can be positioned or mounted in many ways:

  • Ground Platform Feeder – Placed on the ground, a platform feeder helps larger birds such as doves who can’t grip other feeders. The platform keeps feed fresher than throwing it on the ground and ensures less waste.
  • Deck Platform Feeder – Platform feeders that attach to the deck or railing accommodate many types of birds. They also offer great viewing opportunities.
  • Hanging Platform Feeder – Hanging platform feeders can swing from any sturdy branch or hook as long as their weight is supported. Platform feeders can be heavy, especially once seed and birds are added.
  • Pole-Mounted Platform Feeder – Many platform feeders can also be mounted on a pole. There is a hole in the feeder’s base or a special mount that allows the feeder to be supported in midair.

9 Top Picks for the Best Platform Bird Feeder of 2021

Looking to find a new platform bird feeder? These top picks will help you find the best style for your yard. We found the most popular ones in each category that can accommodate any budget or taste.

1 – Duncraft Eco-Strong Platform Feeder

platform feeder with 2 yellow finches, a cardinal and a chickadee eating bird seed
Duncraft Eco-Strong Platform Feeder

Variety is the key to this simple feeder. It is one of the best platform feeders for birds that enjoy different kinds of foods. The open design of the 12-inch square hanging feeder allows you to offer feeds that wouldn’t ordinarily fit in other bird feeders. This, in turn, will attract a larger variety of birds to your yard.

The raised edges of the tray combined with the sturdy supportive chain offer several areas for birds to land and perch. Cleaning the recycled plastic feeder is made easy with the mesh floor that also allows moisture to drain.

2 – Duncraft Eco-Strong Ground Platform

Ground platform feeder set on the patio with 3 birds eating birdseed from it
Duncraft Eco-Strong Ground Platform Feeder

This specially designed ground platform feeder is made of recycled plastic. It is fitted with an ultra-strong perforated metal tray that keeps the seeds aerated and allows any trapped moisture to escape through the bottom.

The 5-inch legs elevate the feeder off of the ground which also helps keep the seed from being contaminated or scattered. Ground-feeding birds such as cardinals, doves, and sparrows will flock to this feeder. They prefer feeding low to the ground – often seen cleaning up seed under hanging feeders.

3 – Squirrel Resistant Platform Feeder

A unique two-layered metal grid design allows both large and small birds to eat while also deterring squirrels from stealing all of the seed.

Hanging Blue platform feeder in the yard
Duncraft Squirrel Resistant Platform Feeder

The top grid of the feeder has 1-inch squares with the second layer openings being ½-inch in diameter. This accommodates the larger, thicker beaks of birds such as cardinals and grosbeaks while making it more difficult for squirrels to reach the seed.

Made of long-lasting recycled plastic, this platform feeder will hold up to 1-½ pounds of bird feed. The perforated metal base allows moisture and water to drain in order to keep the seed fresh and aerated.

4 – Seed Hoop Birdseed Catcher & Platform Bird Feeder

Wood bird feeder with seed catching platform feeder underneath
Available @ Plow & Hearth

Ever notice how birdseed falls to the ground and gets wasted? It also makes a mess on your lawn and can attract rodents and other unwanted visitors to your yard. The Seed Hoop Catcher & Platform Birdfeeder is a great way to reduce waste & catch the seed before it collects under your feeder.

Expand the varieties of birds that visit your yard with this inventive combo feeder and reduce seed waste at the same time. The seed catcher comes with 6 nylon cords and hooks which attach it securely to most other hanging feeders.

5 – Classic Cardinal Platform Feeder –

Red platform feeder with cardinal and 2 other birds enjoying a snack
Duncraft Classic Cardinal Platform Feeder

The see-through roof on this eye-catching red hanging platform feeder allows you to view birds from more than one angle. Made of durable and non-porous recycled plastic the cardinal-inspired feeder allows you to offer more than just birdseed to your feathered friends.

The tray has a depth of 1-¼ inches which makes it easy to serve up fruit, feed pellets, and suet nuggets as well as seed. The sliding aluminum tray on the bottom is perforated for excellent drainage and easy cleaning.

6 – Cedar Platform Tray Bird Feeder

Wooden bird feeder with 2 yellow finches
Nature’s Way Cedar Platform Tray Bird Feeder

Simple design combined with sturdy construction makes this tray feeder a hit with birds of all sizes. Made of durable premium cedar that is resistant to both bugs and rot, it is meant to last a long time.

The removable perforated metal grid in the base is resistant to rust while also allowing for moisture drainage and easy cleaning.

With a wide-open platform that easily accommodates larger birds such as pigeons and doves, filling the feeder is a breeze. The heavy vinyl-coated steel hanging cables help this feeder support the extra weight and also withstand squirrel assaults.

You can find the Nature’s Way Cedar Platform Feeder on

7 – Birds Choice Recycled 11 x 10 in. Window Mount Platform Bird Feeder

window mounted tray feeder
Birds Choice Recycled 11 x 10 in. Window Mount Platform Bird Feeder

If you want to see the birds close up, a window mount feeder is a great choice. Attaching to your window with 2 sturdy suction cups, you can position it in the best spot to give you the best view of your visitors.

Made from sturdy recycled plastic it will last a long time and is not subject to cracking or rotting from the weather. The 11 x 10-inch seed tray is removable to make refilling and cleaning the feeder easy.

8 – Duncraft Deck Rail Feeder

bird feeder attached to the deck railing
Duncraft Universal Deck Rail Feeder

Made of recycled poly lumber, this attractive and sturdy deck tray feeder will quickly become a favorite in your yard. It is designed to bring the ground feeding birds such as juncos, towhees, thrashers, and many others right up onto your deck.

The feeder attaches securely to the deck railing using a single screw. You can also choose to use it as a ground feeder. A clear plastic roof keeps your birds out of the elements without hindering your view. Fill the feeder with seeds, peanuts, fruit, or any other popular bird treats.

9 – Fly Thru Metal Gazebo Feeder –

open green bird feeder in the snow
Duncraft Fly-Thru Metal Gazebo Feeder

This fly-through platform bird feeder attracts a large variety of birds. At 10 inches high and 14 inches in diameter, it provides a wider feeding area to allow several birds to perch and eat at the same time.

The tall, fly-through openings encourage even larger birds to visit the feeder. The raised edges of the tray help keep the seed in while the drainage holes and open-air design help keep the seed from molding in wet weather. The feeder will hold up to 5 pounds of seed and is easy to clean and fill.

Platform Bird Feeder Tips and Tricks

Platform bird feeders are the simplest feeder design but they still need proper maintenance. Clean your feeder every week or two to ensure your visitors stay healthy. Feeders can harbor and transmit several diseases as well as hide moldy food. Diluted bleach is one of the best ways to clean and disinfect any feeders.

Providing multiple feeders is another way to help birds stay happy and healthy. By placing platform feeders in different areas of your yard, you lessen the chances of birds fighting.

Try not to let your feeders run out of fresh feed as your regular visitors become accustomed to the buffet. If you’re not going to be home, see if a friend or neighbor can take on cafeteria duty.

It doesn’t matter if you choose a fly-through platform feeder, one that attaches to the deck, or one that sits on a pole. What does matter is that both you and the birds enjoy it. Choose the best platform bird feeder for your home and garden based on what makes you happy. Happy birds will follow.

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