mourning dove sleeping on tree branch

Where Do Mourning Doves Sleep At Night?

Mourning doves sleep in trees most of the time but will occasionally sleep on the ground.  They are known as habitat generalists and can adapt to many areas, including farms, prairies, woodlands, and residential neighborhoods. Learn more about how mourning doves choose the best location for sleeping and nesting. We’ll also talk about their nocturnal habits. Plus, … Read more

mourning dove eating seeds off of the ground

What Do Mourning Doves Eat? Their Diet and Feeding Behaviors

The mourning dove diet is made up primarily of seeds. On the farm, they love seeds from crops and grain. In our gardens, mourning doves will eat seeds from trees, grass, and flowering plants. But mourning doves have their favorite varieties and will visit areas where they are abundant. If you want to enjoy watching … Read more