Photo comparing the finch vs the sparrow

What Is the Difference Between a Sparrow and A Finch?

If you’re like most people, you have beautiful birds flying around your yard, filling the air with wonderful sounds and making your space more serene. And while you know they’re birds, identifying them is a bit tricker, especially when trying to differentiate between a finch vs a sparrow. After this article, you’ll master how to … Read more

Three types of finches in a collage

5 Types Of Finches You May See In Your Backyard

Learn more about five of the most common types of finches that are seen in the United States and the best finches to keep as pets. Finches can live in a wide range of habitats. Once they’ve found a home, they stay there and do not migrate. These stout birds have colorful plumage and conical … Read more

goldfinch in the flower garden

How to Attract Finches to Your Yard and Garden

Nature lovers who attract finches will enjoy the sights, sounds, and antics of these fascinating birds. You can join them by learning how to attract finches to your yard. The American Goldfinch is so beloved that Iowa, New Jersey, and Washington all claim it as their state bird. Goldfinches and finch family members are some … Read more